Sunday, June 23, 2013


Against my better judgment, I clicked on a link on the MSN home page.

The headline read, "Florida mom outraged over breastfeeding ban at college".

I don't know why I clicked on it. Really, I don't. But alas, I did.

MSN had a video (which I'd like to include a link to in this post, but they have since taken it off) where the mom talks about how she's been wronged. Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeee!

Here it is in a nutshell:

She showed up at her final exam for a college course with her 10 month old baby in a stroller and expected to be let in. (She said her plan was for the baby to sleep through most of the exam, and then maybe wake up at the end to be fed. We all know how babies follow their mother's plans, right?!) She was turned away by a proctor at the door because babies are not allowed in a final exam.

The mom then claimed the school was violating her rights and sent them a copy of a law that says she has the right to breastfeed in public.

The college wrote her back saying her rights were not violated as their issue wasn't with her breastfeeding, but their policy is that no babies/children are allowed in a proctored final exam.

So then what does this woman say to the interviewer? Oh.. it gets worse...

She said that if there are special accommodations made for people with handicaps and learning-disabilities, even giving them separate rooms, then breast feeding mother should be given the same.

So being a parent is now equivalent to being handicapped or having a disability?!?!?!? Seriously?!!!!

The reporter also said that when she was asked why she didn't leave the baby with someone during her exam she said that the father was at work.

Ok, so the REAL issue here is not about breastfeeding at all! It's that she didn't have a babysitter and therefore, she felt entitled to bring her 10 month old to an exam and all of the other students just had to suck-up the distraction.

I am so irritated by this story!!!! I am sickened by this wave of entitlement that has swept the country!! This is not isolated as I'm sure many of us can attest. I've even heard of mothers changing their baby’s diapers on restaurant tables if they don't have a changing facility, or if it's not to their liking. Seriously? Bring your stroller into the restroom or go to your car. How seriously unhygienic and how disgusting for other patrons! It would be nice if they had a changing station, and certainly you could decide not to go there again because you don't care for their lack of accommodations. But your child is not the world's responsibility!!

I've had two babies. I know how hard, exhausting, inconvenient, stressful and thankless it can be. But you know what? I chose to have my two precious little guys. They are our responsibility and I don't expect the whole world to bend over backwards to make my job easier. The world doesn't owe me.

So to all of the selfish, self-absorbed, entitled parents out there: Get over yourselves!!!!!!!!!!

I will now store my soapbox safely away until my next rant.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We're Scary

The boys wanted to go to the library after school today. (What mom is going to say 'no' to that?)
After checking out 12 books, we headed out to the parking lot.
I waited for the boys to climb in the back and shut the door.  Then I got in and sat down.
We were sitting for about a minute and I thought to myself, "What's taking so long?"
I then looked to my left to see the drivers seat empty.
I then began laughing hysterically, my boys were only very mildly amused.  I think at this point, they're starting to just find my craziness scary.
So I get out of the passengers seat and into the drivers seat and we begin our short trip home.  As I'm driving, our 7 year old comments on the fact that a truck had passed us with "John Ripley" written on the side.
He said that he found that funny and then asked us to guess why he thought it was funny.  Our 11 year old guessed that he thought 'rippley' referred to the man farting a lot. (I have boys, gas humor is how they roll)  We all giggled about that and then he said, "No.  I thought there were a lot of people named John buried in there."
Son #1 and I were baffled and looked at each other through the rear view mirror and I quietly said that I didn't get it.
"Well a lot of gravestones say 'rip' on them so if that says 'ripply' there must be more than one dead person."

Medic Please

"Diane, how are you doing?" - "Oh, I'm fine thanks."
"You've gone through a lot, are you ok?"  - "Yes, I did, but it's ok."

These have been common place conversations lately.

There has been lots going on over the last several months.  Things like meanness.  Gossip.  Lying. Name calling.  You get the general idea.  This is hard enough, but when it happens in the confines of church, it seems to shock and hurt even more as we generally consider church a 'safe place'.  The thing to remember is, church is only made up of people and no one is perfect.  Sorry if that came as a shock to some (wink wink).

Now details about what I've expereinced are not necessary.  The point is that by God's grace, I have never been one to hold onto anger or hold a grudge and so this season has been no different.  However, I've always taken for granted that healing just comes automatically.

One day I came up with an analogy that I shared with my husband that I thought really summed it up.  I said it's like I took a cooking class with friends and one (or two, or.. ) accidentally slipped with her knife and gave me a little slice.  I can forgive that friend so much quicker than the wound will heal.  I'm just in the process of the wound healing, I'm fine.

I was quite happy with this analogy.  I felt I had hit the nail on the head!


Last Sunday I was at church and was asked again how I was by someone I trust.  I said that I was 'ok' and shared my analogy with the man asking.  I was expecting him to smile and agree with me, however, he instead said something that really didn't sink in until this morning while doing my hair.  He said, "Yeah, but instead of a friend(s) accidentally giving you a little slice, she purposely took the knife and stabbed you in the hand.  That's a little harder to handle."......... WOW!!

While burning curling my hair this morning, this conversation replayed in my mind and it really registered.  If you get a little slice, you wash it, put on some ointment and put on a bandage and you're on your way.  This is how I've handled things emotionally.
With a stab wound though, you'd put some packing on it and go to the hospital to make sure there isn't internal damage; then you'd get stitched up and book your follow up appointment to make sure it doesn't get infected.

What I've experienced hasn't been a little accidental slice; it's like stab wounds.  They run deep, not at the surface level.  I can't put on a little balm and expect that it will heal itself.  I need to go to the doctor - to the Great Physician!

I've prayed about all of the situations going on and for other people, but I haven't prayed and asked God to heal me.  It seems, selfish almost.  But the truth is, if I don't seek medical attention when necessary, the wound can fester and become a bigger problem.  I need to have my wounds healed by the only one who truly can.

So, am I ok?  Yes, or rather, I will be.  I'm just in a season of having my wounds healed, and I trust God that He absolutely will heal them!! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

When One Door Closes, A Windown Opens, Right?

It's the end of an era.  Well, ok, almost 8 years... But an ending none the less.

I have served on the Women's Ministry team (called W.O.W. for Women of Worship) at our church ever since our second son (who is just about to turn 8) was about a month old.  This weekend, I stepped down from serving on the women's ministry team. Writing the letter of resignation was so difficult, for so many reasons.  Even just typing that statement out on here was hard.

For several years now I have served in multiple capacities at our church in addition to volunteering at school (for 2 years), working at another church as their secretary, being a Cub Scout leader, etc.. and as a result, my family and our home has suffered for my being over-extended.  God really convicted me of this some time ago when our younger son wanted me to play with him but I had to tell him no as I was preparing for a women's ministry meeting and finishing up a report for another church board. I realized my priorities were wrong!  But I still questioned, "God, are You telling me to let go?"

Quite some time ago; about a year and a half ago to be specific, I had decided that I was going to call the Pastor to tell him I needed to step down - only for him to beat me to the punchline. He was stepping away to take another job.  I felt like I had to stay at that time, I couldn't let people down.  Well it was determined this weekend that he is coming back, so I felt peace and God's leading that it was time for me to now step down.

Being coordinator of the team has been such a blessing and a true labor of love.  God gave me such a love for all of the women of our church, and all of His daughters in general.  If I have left anything with them, I hope it is a love for God's word and a desire to grow closer to Jesus!!!

I have served with some truly wonderful ladies through the years - Debi, Barbara, Janet, Debbie R., Pam, Pat, Sherri, Jen, Deb H..  Thank you ladies, it's been an honor to minister along side of you!
W.O.W. will always have a special place in my heart!!  We've had such fun and special times!!

I'm reminded of the saying, "When God closed a door, He opens a window", and therefore wonder, if this door is closing, where is the open window?

I am excited to see where the window He will open will lead!  Continued home Bible study? Discipling?  Writing?  Speaking?  Maybe just being quiet and not so busy so I can listen to what He has to say to me...

As I'm typing this, it's suddenly struck me how being the women's ministry coordinator has become such a strong part of my identity.  It grounded me with a sense of purpose.  I had never really thought about that before.  Hmm... I don't have to be (shouldn't any way) part of a team/committee to have a sense of purpose. Maybe this is why the door has been closed...

In any case; I will try not to be sad, but will wait with anticipation to see what's beyond the next open window!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've Missed You

It was our big guy's birthday yesterday.  11... Seriously, how can that be?!!!  But I digress...

I wanted to update my photo on FB to a baby picture of him, but I couldn't find one one my lap top.  After wracking my brain trying to think where I can find a baby picture of him on the computer, it occurred to me to check old blog posts.

As I came to this blog, it was like rediscovering an old friend.  I began reading old posts and remembering events and feelings that I had forgotten.

But what really hit me was, I used to love to blog!  I loved writing about silly things, serious things, painful things and frivolous things.  I would look forward to the rare comments - but it wasn't instant gratification like on FB when someone hits a 'like button'.  The real gratification was in getting whatever I was going through out of me and into written words.  I'm much more likely to really express myself here than on FB.  I can be more.... me.

What I discovered yesterday is that, I miss this.  I miss blogging.  I miss just being, The Lady of the House Speaking.  I have things to say; even if they're not important to anyone but me.

So blog, I'm coming back.  I've missed you!