Thursday, June 26, 2008

Up Up And Away!!

Launched rockets today with my hubby, two boys and my father-in-law. Had a great time!! Beautiful weather, happy kids, great memories made!

As I sat watching the scene before me - my husband hooked up the rocket, inserted safety key, held down the launch button, heard the faint sizzling sound of the rocket being ignited, watched as the faces of my family turned skyward following the path of the rocket and burst into grins when the rocket broke apart and fell to earth gently with a sway as the parachute caught the air, it occurred to me... This is very much the pattern of my life.

So much of life is preparation, isn't it? Learning skills to be able to proceed to the next event. We learn to walk to then run, to then get places with purpose... Once we're prepared, we then try to ignite our imaginations, passions, ambitions to 'go somewhere'. We take flight. Then, we frequently run out of steam, and hope to fall as gently as the rocket did.
If the scene had ended here, it would be sad indeed - but alas, there is hope!! there is more to the story!
Once everyone stopped clapping or gleefully commenting on how high the rocket had shot that time, the race was on to gather the parts to start over. My oldest son ran after the dismantled rocket and enthusiastically rushed back to his Dad to have it reassembled to be shot off again.
My husband carefully rewound.. um.. the things (hey - I didn't say I was an expert at this rocket thing, I just learned something from it), put it back in the rocket, added a new ignitor and attached it back to the base. There we go - ready for another try!! This happened many times until the sun got too hot and we were ready to go back home for some refreshments.
When we hit a wall, run out of steam, need to change directions or just simply feel like we're in a rut, the good news is - we can pick up the pieces, reassemble and try again, and again... and again. Every day is a new opportunity to gather the pieces that aren't fitting together or are broken apart and make something new.
Maybe, we need to ignite something new - or, try a new ignitor (again, may not be giving the right names to this analogy, but go with me) - The first few launches we did, my husband used an 'A' ignitor. The launches went well! He then switched to a 'B'. The rocket soared higher into the air and moved much father from the initial launch site.
I've been doing well with A. It has been fulfilling in many ways, but lacking the satisfaction of helping my family financially, and not giving me that something I need to make me feel... hmm... I don't know. Like what I'm doing really counts. (not sure I'm explaining myself well).
So it's time for 'B'!
What is B?.. not sure - but think I may be on to something.
Had a thought in my mind, and my dear friend Jen called to encourage me today (you're such a love Jen!!!) and mentioned this B that I hadn't tolled her about... A sign?..
Not sure, but surely an encouragement to keep pressing on to 'B'!!!
So if you too are in the same.. ah, rocket, then rewind - reignite - and up up and away with you!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ramblings..Keepin' It Real

I love Beth Moore.
What I really mean is, I LOVE Beth Moore!!!!
I consider her my mentor (even though I have never personally met her).
Her love for God and zeal for the Bible encourage me more than words can say.
I have read a few of her books, completed a couple of her Bible studies (you want an in depth study, Beth's studies are the way to go let me tell ya!), I've seen her speak live once (will see her again in October - woo hoo! way more energizing than the best rock concert you can think of) and I am a faithful viewer of Wednesdays With Beth on the James Robison show (should be called the 'James & Beth Robison Show' as his wife sits there next to him every show).

Wednesdays With Beth is how I first came across Beth. Short Bible studies (about 20 minutes) where she teaches God's word in compassion and tenderness with no trace of judgement and not a drop of uncertainty. She encourages the viewers to read God's word, love it, and apply it to their lives.
Tonight's message, Beth spoke about 'Cutting the Bull' - Instead of giving the appearance of having things 100% together, when you really only have about 70%, what would happen if we were just real, and let the 70% shine through? After all, haven't we all come to grips with the fact that no one is perfect (the only perfect being to walk this earth is now in heaven preparing a mansion for all who name Him as their Savior!! AMEN!)

So let me take this time to - Be real!
I'm in valley at the moment. (but praise God, there are no valleys without mountain tops, right?!!)
* Still missing my Mum. Night time is typically the hardest when the men are all asleep.
* Not feeling very good about myself. Had a great start a few weeks back with changing my eating habits. I'm now however, back to my old ways. Afraid that very soon I'll look like Violet from 'Willy Wonka' and someone will have to roll me off. (I do look good in purple however, so at least I'll have that going for me)
* PALS is coming next week!! This is a group I do in the summer to help my son and his friends not loose any of the skills they learned during the previous school year while encouraging growth in the areas with which they have trouble. The last two years, I had everything printed, bought, put together, meetings held, etc.. by this time. This year, I'll be doing a little flying by the seat of my pants. Not something I'm comfortable with at all. I stand by the ole' "If something is worth doing - do it right!"
* Bible Study is coming! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bible!! I also have a heart for women - their concerns, their hearts, their well being.... So to lead a Bible study in my home is a huge privilege to me!! I am extremely humbled by the fact that 9 ladies have signed up to come and share in the learning of God's word with me. As completely thrilled as I am (and I truly am!!!), I'm a little nervous that with all else going on, I wont be able to give this my all. Praying God will just use me as a vessel and then pour out His wisdom and grace to all who attend!!

* VBS is coming - ok, I have until August to prepare for this - but I'm taking on a new role. I'll be teaching the Bible lesson. Nervous about doing a good job - and about being able to attend....

* I need a job! Here's one of the big stresses of my life at the moment!! I have been home with the kids for 5 years now!!! Even though I've done a myriad of things to keep some mullah coming in, I'm nervous about going out there again. Will I have the skills that are being sought after now, will they like me, can I find something that will fit the family? I have no definitive direction as to what field I'm meant for.. Should I go for schooling?... what?
I feel like I'm someone who does ok at many things, but great at nothing. In many ways, that's good - you know, to be well rounded (and I'm well rounded that's for sure - note the 'healthy' eating comment above). But when it comes to choosing a career - not so helpful.

*Lastly... I had a little disappointment this week. You ever have something come up where you think 'oh no - the timing is terrible, this isn't a good thing for us now' - but then when the occasion, opportunity, etc.. doesn't come about, you then feel sad about it? Well - I have that on top of everything else!!!

OK - So here's the up side to keeping it real!
* Regardless of all else - I still have the joy of the Lord!!! I am not without hope!! I have more blessings in my life than I can count.
I will come out of this valley and be atop a mountain again!!

But for the moment, if I seem a little down, just give me a gentle push, and remind me to 'keep climbing.'