Friday, June 26, 2009

You think THAT's early?

We are in week two of summer vacation.

I love summer vacation.

But if I have to hear one more mother complain that their cherubs are waking them up at 7:00+ am... 7:00 AM!!!!!!!! (please read '7:00 am' with Sam Kinisonesk inflection!) I'll slap them! (well... ok, no I wont... but I'll feel like it! But then very shortly after feel horribly guilty about feeling that way and eat something to cover my guilt..... Forget it! I'm not going with the slap instinct. I'll go with inner frustration... which will also cause me to eat...)

"Mummy... mummy.... can we go play Farm Town? ? ? Mummy.. when can we go play on the computer? ? ? Mummy.... can I have some chocolate milk? ? ? Mummy... can I have some candy? ? ? Mummy.... are you ever getting up? ? ? I'm never going to get to play Farm Town again!!!!!"

7:00 am.... 7:00 am!!!!!

No no my friends. The above begging begins at 5:15 am!!!!!!!!!!!! Husband is up at 5:00 am and leaves at about 6:00 am on a typical day. Therefore, I do not get up until he leaves. But son #1 can't stand for me to be in bed if he's awake, unless it's a weekend because then dad is on the computer with him.

I dream of 7:00 am!!!

The real cruelty is that the younger one doesn't get up (if left to himself) until about 6:30 am. 'Oh... 6:30 am... how sweet it would be to awake to your beautiful numbers brightly displayed on the digital alarm clock!'

I have a plan for pay back though!

When the boy is in his teens I will become the parade marshal of our home. As marshal, I will schedule regular processions through the parade route (aka - his bedroom) to begin precisely at 4:30 am! Not only will I be marshal, but also, I will be the drummer! With great enthusiasm I shall march along keeping time with my shinny pot and wooden spoon.

When he has awakened, maybe I'll request a snack. I do believe however that I will be met with a flying pillow. But it will be so worth it!!!

7:00 am...

Friday, June 19, 2009

If This Doesn't Say It All..

Pictures are worth a thousand words, yes?

Well if these two pictures don't say it all, I'd never be able to explain it to you!

Wait for it.....

Note to self: Next time you want to make frosting with the kids, open bag of confectionairy sugar, pour it on self, children and all around kitchen and save yourself some time.
(FYI: I was not so amused when this happened. I peeled off the boys shirts and was about to send them to their rooms, but couldn't resist getting a picture first. The older one bolted first - don't think he wanted evidence for dad.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oops.. He Did It Again

I can only imagine the phone calls that came after...

"Hey Suzie, I have a funny story for you! I was at The Christmas Tree Shop and,.. yes, I do love a bargin! Any how, I was there looking at a greater and,... well you never know when you're going to need one..... I don't know. Maybe I'll want some fresh parmasian someday. So I'm standing there and this woman and her little boy come by. I smiled at the little boy - he was cute and was bee boppin' to the music on the speaker. Any how, they passed by and like a few seconds later I hear, "Hey mummy, look. I'm picking my bum!" I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud! When the mother looked at me I clamped my hand over my mouth and tried not to look at them. Yeah, she was like 'Be nice! Stop saying fresh words.' But then the kid kept saying it and then starting doing this sing song thing like 'bummy bum bum' or something like that. It was great!"

So glad that we were able to do our part in bringing a smile to someones face today!