Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sometimes you can have a little too much reality. You know what I mean? These days I am definitely feeling that way!!!
So here's a little escape from my reality, into the 'reality tv' world...
Have you been watching American Idol?
Just got into it a few years ago when my niece was living with us. Now I'm hooked!!
Tonight the guys performed. Who did you like?
I thought David Archuleta was amazing!!!! He sang 'Imagine' with originality and a beautiful pure voice! And he's only 17! Incredible!!!
Can't wait to see what the girls do tomorrow night!

Do you watch Project Runway? This week is the tie breaker between Chris and Rami.
Who do you want to win: Chris with his sometime costumey, albeit coture designs? or Rami, who can drape like nobody's business again, and again, and again?
I LOVE Rami's clothes!! Go Rami!! I hope he makes it to the finals against Jillian and Christian.

Who will take home the prize?

Friday, February 8, 2008


There are days when I'm tired, and feel too spread out...
On days like that I wish my kids could do a little more for themselves, ya know?..
But then - I see something like this, and I change my mind.
After getting him off the bus
I stayed to chat with his driver a bit
and I came in to my 5 year old making himeslf a sandwich.
This may be no big deal to some of you. But to me.. it made me sad.
When did he get big enough to make himself a sandwich?
My mother always said to me, 'don't wish you life away'. I appreciate that saying more and more the bigger my kids get!!!