Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It Must Be Me...?

My husband loves to tell a joke about a couple who visit a new church for the first time....

They head into church and within minutes a man comes up to the husband and invites him to join the other guys in the church for a men's fellowship time after service. At the same time, a woman approaches the wife and invites her to the ladies fellowship. They both accept. After service they part ways and head off.
During the fellowship hour, none of the men come and sit with the husband, and none of the women come and sit with the wife. Once the gatherings were ending, they both headed back to the car. When they got there, the huband said, "Those guys are a bunch of jerks." The wife said in a tearful voice, "I don't know why they didn't like me?."

How true is this?! Two people in the exact same situation, but the woman makes it about her failings. Why do we women think that if there is a problem in the world, or we are treated in an ufair, or unkind manner, it's our fault? Why do we obsess over things in a way that makes us feel bad about ourselves?
I spoke with a friend today and told her that I was afraid I may have offended her when I saw her last week due to something I said without explanation. I have been thinking about this all week, but due to an outrageously busy schedule this week, I hadn't had the chance to call her. She had no idea what I could have said to offend her, and when I explained, she assured me that it had never even occured to her to have taken what I said the wrong way.
She did say however, 'you're just like me. I obsess over stuff like that too." Do we all do this?

I just recently received some news that, well, knocked the wind out of me you may say. Totally caught me off guard! I guess it isn't suprising that I am feeling a little depressed for the moment while the news sinks in - but why is it I now start having illogical thoughts? I know there is no logic behind my feelings (after all, feelings are not logical!!), but why am I feeling that I am to blame on this matter that is completely out of my control.
I tried talking to my husband about how I was feeling and he gave me a very important reminder... That little nagging voice, you know, the gloom and doom voice, is that of the Devil. His ugly voice springs up time and again planting lies in our head that we have a hard time ridding ourselves of. It's like when you hear a song from your childs show that then stays in your head for days driving you nuts - but you just can't shake it! "Rescue pack.. goin' on a rescue..." (no, I'm not saying this show or song is evil)
But we have a choice. We can allow the voice to continue to be trapped in our head and tearing us down, or we can ask God to cast it out. So what choice am I going to make? I am going to lay this problem down at my heavenly Father's feet knowing He is sufficient to handle this - and I'm not going to take it back. I'll ask Him to cast away the useless thoughts and give me the strength to do all that I need to in order to bring about the best possible results!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

She's a lady

The title of my page comes from the British comedy "Keeping Up Apearances", which I love! Hyacynth answers the phone with great propriety, "The 'Bouquet Residence' (their name is Bucket, but Hyacinth insists that everyone pronounce it 'Bouquet' - and I'm sure if she lived around here she'd shop at 'Targee'), "The lady of the house speaking"

I am reminded every minute of the day that I am the only lady of this house that I share with my husband and 2 boys (notice, I didn't do the 'dh' and 'ds' stuff - hate that! - chalk that up as one of my thousands of pet peves) whom I adore and count myself blessed to share my life with them, however exhausted I may be. You see, I would never dare take out my 'hand painted periwinkles' (that's how Hyacinth refers to her china) as there is nothing delicate about the men in this house.

I tend to be insecure and afraid of hurting peoples feelings - so I don't typically speak my mind as often as I'd like. But here, on this blog, is where this lady will speak! Without worry of offending anyone - or worrying about my Christian views not being popular. (not that I would ever intentionally try to offend anyone.. Oh, no - there I go... None of that, none of that Diane!...)
So there you have it... "The Lady of The House Speaking..." What will I have to say?...

As a note... My feeling is that every little girl will grow up to be a woman (God willing). But so few grow up to be ladies. This is something I aspire to. I have been blessed to know a few wonderful ladies whom I admire greatly: 1. Sandy who was my mentor at my 1st church. 2. Anna whom I worked with and 3. and my Aunt Margaret, just to name a few. Each of these Ladies posessed grace and strength - what a pairing!