Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Things They Say!

Just a few funny things my guys have said/done recently.
I hope they give you as much of a giggle as they have me.

1. 5 year old is standing on the top of the stairs just outside the kitchen back door.  I'm in the kitchen folding laundry.  Child tells (YELLS) to me that he has picked a 'wishing flower' (you know those things that look like dandilions but they're white and fluffy) and is now going to make a wish.  In the loudest voice he could muster (and boy can this child be loud!) he bellows out his wish...
"I wish my mummy was beautiful!"
I LOST it!!!!  I threw my head back and screamed of laughing with tears freely flowing.
My son looks through the window positively baffled.  "Mummy, what's so funny?  Why are you laughing?"
Without waiting for a reply, he looks back to his flower stem and then back at me and gasps, "Oh look! It worked!!"  Mind you, this 'punch line' he says in a quiet voice, so all the neighbors must have been thinking, "This poor kid is sick of looking at his ugly mother."
Isn't that fabulous?!!  I have had laugh over laugh over that one.  Great stuff!!

2.  8 year old is playing a Star Wars computer game as I huff and puff my way through 3 miles of aerobics.  When I stop and shut off the DVD player, son turns around and says, "How much did you do today Mum?"
I answered, "Three miles today."
Son - "Oh.  Well I think you could have done better than that." said with the most dismissive of voices and looks on his face.  But then again, he has every reason to critique as he sits there giving his pointer finger a workout as he protects the galaxy with the mouse!!! 
Can you believe it?  Too funny!  He really is the sweetest kid though!

3. Playing "guys" with my younger son.  I'm waiting as he assembles his Lego Buzz Lightyear.  I make my guy say, "Hey Buzz, how come you're not put together?"
My son, oops, I mean 'Buzz' answers, "Well you know I always say I come in peace."
LOL - isn't that great!! I come in peace - like, I come in pieces!!  I thought that was so clever for a little guy that only turned 5 this summer.  Ahh.. they amuse me so!

4.  Last Thursday I was gathering my notes together and son #1 asked what I was doing.  I told him that I was preparing for the talk I'd be giving that evening for the ladies at church.  He says, "Oh, and do you feel a  little shy about being up in front of everyone?" 
"Yes, a little." I answered.
"Wait a minute." he tells me.  He then emerges from his room with a stuffed Spiderman tucked under one arm, a Serta sheep under the other and hands filled with Star Wars guys and plastic pirates.  "Here you go Mum.  I'll put everyone down stairs so they can be your audience.  You can practice your talk in front of them and then you'll feel good for tonight."
How bloody cute is that???  See, I told you he is sweet.

Ok, that's enough of that.

Actually, no it's not.  I have a video!
My 5 year old could not get enough of "This Little Piggie" for some reason the other day.  Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

You've Got A Job - Get To It!

So there I was two nights ago sitting on my couch watching heavens knows what, for it really didn't matter what was on the screen as I was so wrapped up in my thoughts.  I was consumed with thoughts of worry and self-l.. no, not that extream.. not feeling very productive.

I began to pray and ask God to give me a job or some more kids for my day care. "Please help me to provide for my family Lord.  The cars aren't in great shape, the house needs some repairs, we are barely scraping by and I'm just so tired of job hunting and sending out applications and resumes with nothing in return."  Then God spoke to me (yes, God is still in the business of speaking to us if we are quiet enough to listen).  He reminded me that I already have a job.  Several actually.  I am to care for my husband, my children and my home.  He impressed on me that those are the jobs that I am to see to at this point in time and that I need to do them to the best of my ability.  He also reminded me that the second point of the talk I'll be giving in just over a week is how we can trust God's word.  So am I going to trust His word, or not?  The Bible says if He cares for the little sparrow, how much more does He care for us?  If He sees to their needs won't He see to mine?  Of course He will!! And how many times in the Bible does He tell us to "fear not"?  Over 300 times!!  I can't just say I trust, I've got to live it!

So up I got off of the couch and began to iron the clothes I had piled waiting for pressing.  Then as the dryer buzzed I pulled out the next batch in need of de-wrinklization!
Next I headed up stairs (it's now about midnight) and made everyone's lunches for the next day and had hubbys breakfast out and ready for him in the a.m.
The next morning I got up and went right downstairs to get in my 2 mile workout before tackeling the morning routine with the boys.  Once my little cherubs were out and on their way to school I then decided to tackle a project that I've wanted to get to and was inspired between last nights prayer jam with God and having read a great post by the Domestic Engineer.  I cleaned my cabinets!
This was seriously labor intensive and not pretty.  Below you will see what I was dealing with and what the end results were.

These are the cabinets above the stove and microwave.  As you can see, this is a hodge-podge of market goods.  Exactly why do I have sugar and salad dressing and rice and Rice Crispy Treats and Vinegar and... in the same cabinet?

Now this space is used for side dishes (mostly).  I had found a box in this cupboard with approximately 3 grains of rice.  And I was keeping that for...????

Unfortunately I did not snag a 'before' shot of this one.  But let me assure you the spices were in sad shape.  I found a bottle of celery salt that had expired in 2006!  Better yet, my husband asked me why I threw it out?!!! Men!  Please note the little bowl of meds on the top shelf.  The Domestic Engineer had suggested keeping those meds you take at meal time in the kitchen. Brilliant!

Wow!  This cluttered disaster is otherwise known as my baking cupboard.  I am a baker.  Love to bake.  I am amazed looking at this now that I was ever able to find what I needed.  I was expecting to find Whitey Bulger behind the light corn syrup (too much of a Boston reference?), but alas, the coast was clear and in code.

SWEET!  Now I can easily access my numerous flavorings, theres a spot for my chocolate chips and a seperate container for nuts.  My boys were super impressed by the extensive array of sprinkles!

DANGER!  Enter this cabinet at your own risk!
I was frequently pelted with tea bags, overcome by an avalanch of snack crackers and occassionally knocked into dizziness (more than normal) by Pam!

Sniff sniff.. It's a thing of beauty, is it not?
Look at how elegantly the tea bags are displayed in the glass jar!  Look at how the healthy cereals are lined up ever so neatly.  It's been a day and still nothing has tried to assault me from this cabinet.  Amazing!

My oldest son came home from school and noticed the neatened cabinets and then looked at the bottom ones. "Hugh.  So when are you going to get to these?"  Seriously?!  I had best set this boy straight withing the next 15 years or so if he plans on getting married some day.  Geesh!
The bottom cabinets will be next week.

So thank you again to the Domestic Engineer!!  Please go visit her blog - she has some really wonderful posts!!