Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by my friend Michelle to participate in 'The Name Game'.

The idea is to write one fact that has something to do with your life for each letter in your middle name. In the event that you don't have a middle name, you use the name you would have liked to have had. Once tagged, you play 'The Name Game' as a blog post, and then tag others (one for each letter in your middle name).

Here it goes!

T ~ Thankful!! I'm extremely thankful for all of the blessings in my life! Lately I have been very mindful to take note and appreciate the many ways I am so rich. Ok, not financially, obviously - but I'd choose what I have over the almighty dollar any day!! I have a wonderful husband who loves me (and I him!!!) and our children and is in general, just a very good Christian man!!! I have two beautiful boys that I adore completely!!!!! We are all in relatively good health. We have a home that we can open up to our friends and family, transportation to take us where we need to go, family and friends who love us... Our Savior!! & our church family. I could go on for pages!!..

E ~ English Breakfast Tea - love it!! Start every morning with it and love to end the evening with a cup too. Love to collect English China too - from Stradfordshire to be exact. So lovely and elegant and reminds me of my English heritage which I enjoy very much. In the late evening, when my men are all asleep, a cup of tea in one of my nice china cups... sometimes I need that feminine indulgence living in a home with so much testosterone.

R ~ Really need to lose weight! I mean, REALLY! But where's my will power? Ah, to heck with will power, just need to do it!!! Time to get serious and get healthy!!! But after I go out with the gals on Monday...

E ~ Exclamation points!! I love them!! Have you noticed? Years ago when I was working as an assistant to a product manager at a school supply company, my boss read me a letter she had received from the woman who founded Kindercare. This lady sent out one of those 'end of the year letters' some folks send at Christmas time, and concluded her letter in a way I'll never forget! She said that her editor had scolded her for her overuse of exclamation points. She told him, "I can't help it. My life is filled with exclamation points!" Isn't that just wonderful!?!?!? (did I mention she was in her 80's at the time) I concur - my life too is filled with exclamation points - so I will continue to use them freely!!!!!

S ~ Sensitive - my best and my worst quality all rolled up into one! I like to economize that way. Worst, because I can be sensitive and take things to heart that most people would let roll off of them, or wouldn't have taken note of to begin with. Best, because I am very sensitive to others needs and feelings - which in and of itself can be a blessing and a curse. If I pick up on a need or a hurt and can help in some way, great! If I can't help, I've been known to sit and cry over someone else's troubles and be awoke from sleep to pray for them - which in and of itself is a blessing and a curse..... You see where this is going..

A ~ Always tired! I seem to live in a constant state of sleep deprivation. My mind constantly races to things that need to be done. I have this need to keep busy and feel as though I must be useful and productive at all times so as to never disappoint anyone. I'd love a day to just rest, but even if I had the opportunity, I can't... 'I must be useful, I must be productive, I must have purpose, I must not disappoint, etc..' Where is the off switch?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gobble Gobble

So there I am driving down the main road in my town off to pick up my son from school for an appointment when I see something ahead on the left side of the road. Evidently it would seem, that a car going in the opposite direction just missed hitting some creature.
What is that?.. Oh, my, it's big..
Oh, it's a turkey! No, no, it's two turkeys!! Cool, two turkeys cross.... Oh my, it's four, FOUR turkeys crossing the road!! Taking their time, bobbing their heads and checking out the scenery.
I look for someone else to make eye contact with to share this odd experience. All I can find is the man in back of me - but when I look in my mirror, he just looks ticked off...
So now my mind starts to go (those of you who know me know that my mind in actuality has gone long ago!)...
I start thinking about the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati (does anyone else out there remember this show? hysterical!!) where Herb (the bumbling ad guy) and the boss (on the letterhead at least) Mr. Carlson, decide to orchestrate a turkey giveaway for Thanksgiving. The problem is, they think turkeys can fly!
Poor Less Nesman (the simple news man with all of the Hawk eye News eye award - man, how sorry am I that I remember all of this?... don't answer, please!) is the unsuspecting accomplice on the ground, broadcasting live from outside a shopping mall.
"I see something now. Things are falling from the sky. It's.. it's.. Oh my!! It's LIVE turkeys! Oh, the humanity!" (paraphrased) and on it goes... So funny!!!
Thankfully, the turkeys I saw today will live to see another day. Maybe they were going in to hiding!!
Gobble gobble!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Make Em' Laugh

'Of those I like or admire, I can find no common denominator. But of those I love, I can. They all make me laugh!' author unknown

Don't you just love to laugh? Is there anything better? It truely is great medicine - whether you're sad or angry or just feeling down... A good laugh can set you to rights again!

Don't you just love your friends that make you laugh? I do!!! Thank you to all of my funny sisters that keep me in good health!!

Don't you just love to make others laugh? Knowing how good it feels when someone makes you laugh, isn't it wonderful when you get the opportunity to do that for someone else?

Here's a "mum story" (we have hundreds) to hopefully give you a little laugh today:

My father and mother were headed out for the evening. On their way, Mum asked Dad to stop so she could run into the store for cigarettes. He stopped and off she went to buy her smokes. As she went to pay for her nasty habit, she discovered that her brand was on sale for really cheap money. Mum was very excited you must understand at her savings!
Out she went and as soon as she got into the car she started to tell my Dad her great news......
But her story was interrupted... "Excuse me mam. I think you're in the wrong car."
My mother looked up for the first time to see that, yes indeed she was in the wrong car! Not only was this not my father, but the car she was sitting in was not a light green Grand Marque, but instead, a red Chevet.

Yes... this is a true story! One day I'll write a book with them all... not today though..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Take Comfort Dear Friends

It seems that so many of my dear friends around me are in a time of suffering..
For some, it is a sick parent. For others, it is unemployment. And yet, for others, like myself, it is the constant heartache of having a child with 'special needs'. (Please let me state right now, that I HATE the term 'sped kid'!!! Chalk that up as another pet peeve)

Regardless of the situation, we all go through times that seem so difficult, insurmountable even. You may even feel hopeless. Although I do feel discouraged at times, I am blessed to say, I am never without hope! This however, has not always been the case....

Years ago I was going through a very difficult situation. Try as I might, I could not control what was going on in my life, because as I'm sure many of you know, you can't make people do what they don't want to do.
It was the lowest point of my life... And yes, there were moments I felt hopeless!
I can recall coming to a point where I actually fell prostrate (previously, I only thought of this as happening in Bible stories) on my living room floor begging God to show me what to do - completely humbling myself to Him. I get what it is to be at rock bottom, broken!!! I totally understand that however wonderful family and friends are (and they ARE!!), as well meaning as they may be (and again, they are!), God is it!! He is my rock!!

It was at this time, that God sent a few verses to me via several messengers...

First, I went to church one Sunday morning when a friend came up to me with a Bible reference scratched on a torn piece of paper. "I came across this last night in my reading" she said. "It made me think of you. Read it!"
Then another friend came up with a verse nicely written out on a piece of notebook paper. Again, "I thought of you - read this!"
At the end of service, another friend handed me a 'pass it on card' (the size of a business card with a nice picture and usually a Bible verse) that had a picture of a pretty rainbow and a few verses on it. "This is one of my favorite verses" she said, and added how it had helped her.
The following week, I attended the Ladies Breakfast at church, and at each place setting was a 'pass it on' card tied to a small bag of Hershey's Kisses.

Here's the thing - they were all the same verses!! (do you get why I say that God sent me these verses?)
Below are those verses. They are a reminder to me that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us!! He hears our cries for help! We may not have a clue as to what is going on in our lives, but He does! Read these verses. Memorize them!! And remember, you are loved, and you are never alone!!! There is always hope!!!

For I know the plans that I have for you
declares the Lord.
Plans for a hope and a future,
not calamity.
You will pray to me
and I will hear you.
You will seek me and find me
when you seek me with all of your heart.
Jeremiah 29: 11 ~ 13

God always hears our prayers!! We just may not get the answer we want.
Do you have a prayer request? Something I can lift up to the Lord for you? Feel welcome to post.
May God give you peace and comfort in your current situation as only He can!!!

Kids are so helpful!

Whilest sitting on the couch one evening, my husband suddenly jumps up and heads out of the room.
"Where are you going?" I ask
"I have to go... 'spend a penny'" he delicately responds.
He heads off to throw something away first.
Meanwhile, my oldest son gets up and runs out of the livingroom. Off to get another Rescue Hero I assume.
He comes back in as my husband is about to go into the bathroom.
With hand outstretched he says "Here you go Daddy! Here's a penny you can spend!"

Friday, September 7, 2007

Memory Work's Fall Offerings

Memory Work's has some of it's Fall offerings available now!

Not a huge fan of halloween, however, these Halloween papers and ribbons from K & Company are so super cute!! Love the new line from Love, Elsie - Jack and Abby.

Check out for more products!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

creARTions - check it out!

For all of you scrappers or paper crafters, check out my friend Michelle's site for a new challenge every few weeks. Enter to win a prize!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Now we know where all the missing socks go...

John: 'I keep finding stalks in my beans'

Jack: "Socks?... Do beans wear two like me?"....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The 'Naughty Pants'

Beware of naughty pants!!

We have had an especially crazy summer!!, with standing appointments Monday - Thursday for the majority of the summer - plus doctors visits, play dates, etc.. All of this running around has taken it's toll on all of us.
My boys, being 2 and 5, both seem to be at difficult ages as well. The 2 year old is a master at temper tantrums and can reach volumes that threaten to shatter my ear drums! My 5 year old is big on testing. What exactly can he get away with, and how far can he go before his mother needs to be committed. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Any how, on one particularly bad day, both boys were in rare form. The oldest especially as he went from one fresh task to the next; pushing his brother, screaming, throwing a toy down the stairs to now make his brother scream, dumping out the clean laundry I had just brought upstairs and so on.. All within a few minutes.
I finally asked that stupid question that comes from my mouth at times... I don't actually expect my son to give me a deep psychological answer or anything, so I have no idea why I ask...
But out it came any way.., "Why are you being such a naughty boy today?!"
I typically get a shrug of the shoulders or an "I don't know", or since he has learned the art of sweet talking me I occasionally get an "I think you're pretty mummy".....
But not today.
Today, he turned from me and started down the hall to his bedroom.
I called after him "where are you going, I'm not done talking with you"
He pathetically held up one finger and said, 'just a minute'.
This is only adding to my aggravation you must understand.. being told to 'wait a minute' before I can continue my rant...
After a few seconds, he emerged from his bedroom with something in his left hand. As he comes back to me he holds out the item and says, "This".
"This, what?" I ask.
"These pants are what are making me be so naughty... they make me naughty all the time!"

With that, I quickly turned my back to him and bit my lip so hard I thought I would draw blood... I regained my composure and turned back to see his very serious face, and his arm still outstretched with the offending pants.
I took the pants into custody and assured him that I would dispose of the pants and he would no longer be forced to be naughty again.

So if you have an unassuming pair of navy track pants in the house (this pair happened to be a size 18 months that someone gave me for my 2 year old, but they're already too small), and you are noticing very bad behavior from your children... You may be the victim of a sinister breed of pant that have the power to control the behavior of even the strongest willed of children.

You've been warned....