Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mind Your Business - lol

Too funny to not share:

This story is actually about a month old now, but I was thinking about it and it still makes me giggle.

I was helping my 6 year old out of the shower and he said to me, "Mummy, do I have to wear those pajamas again?" (He for some reason, had gone in his room and put on his pj's only to have to remove them again to shower.)  "Yes" I replied.
He sighed and asked, "Mum, don't some people just sleep in their underwear?"
Me - "Yes, some men sleep in their underwear."
6 yr old - Thinks a second and makes a little sour face - "Yeah, women wouldn't do that.  That would just be really gross."
Me - "Do you think women are gross?" I asked with a smile on my face.
6 yr old - With a little bit of a Stan Laurel look on his face, "Um, Mum, I think you should just mind your own business." (Please note: This was not fresh or rude, it was as if he had spoken his previous thought by mistaken and was now embarassed.)
Me - Laugh! "It is my business, we were having a conversation!"
6 yr old  - Pats me on the shoulder - "Well, you're welcome for cracking you up."

Ah yes, that he does!!