Thursday, January 6, 2011


Do you have a never-ending to-do list?
There are of course the chores that are in and of themselves never ending such as dishes and laundry as we continually eat and dirty more dishes and wear our clothes and create more laundry to be done.  Needless to say, we therefore all have these kinds of tasks on our daily to-do lists.

But how about things that are not 'in the norm'?  Do you have an exhaustive list of things you'd like to get done and yet there never seems to be the time to get these tasks/projects done?  I guess it is more acurrate to say that we do not take the time to get them done.  We all make time for what is important to us.

I had an idea.  I thought maybe if I were to put my 'to-do' list out here into the blogosphere maybe that would be incentive for me to get off my seriously well padded butt and stop making excuses.  Maybe it would entice me to make the time to get these things done.

So here it goes!
My not-the-normal-day-to-day  to-do list.
(not in any particular order)

1. Boys Room: Buy, paint (if needed) and hang shelves.  Go through toys and sort out ones they don't play with/outgrown. Go through dressers..again.

2. Craft Room/Office:  SERIOUSLY need to clean!  This has become the 'catch-all' room. Boo to me for allowing it.  Get everything out that doesn't belong in there!  Sort through craft supplies and give away whatever I don't need and organize the items I wish to keep.  Create files.  Need to create spaces for Women's Ministry and Nominating Committee.

3. Bedroom:  Go through lengerie chest.  Chest in bad shape.  Empty, get rid of everything I no longer use.  See if it can be fixed up into usable condition.  If not, get rid of it!  Buy, paint (if needed) shelves for John's books.  Throw away clutter.

4. Entry way:  Goodness.. something needs to happen here.  I've wanted to paint an accent wall ever since we moved in 6 years ago.  Need to convince the hubs.

5. Playroom:  Ok, this is a toughy.  It is currently set up for daycare and yet I do not have any kids in my daycare.  I need to wait until I know for sure and for certain that I'm closing my business.  I will then need to go over this room and turn it from a classroom back to a playroom for our boys and suitable for our Cub Scout Den.

6. Ministry:  I met with my pastor back in the fall about the prospects of me going into ministry.  He was 110% in support of this, said it seemed exactly what God was calling me to do, seemed only natural.  He suggested I begin working on a 'packet'.  I need to make business cards, informational 'post cards', pamphlet.  I need to tweak my talks I already have written and continue to work on those the Lord has put on my heart.  Work on devotions and talk to a gal at our church who used to work for 'Our Daily Bread' publication to see what I can do to be published.  Start sending out packets and talking to local churches to get the word out.  Study, pray, study, pray!!!  This could be what God is calling me to as a way to meet our financial needs too.

7. Get a job!!!

Ok, that's enough for now.  This is plenty to work on!!

Now, if there's anyone out there reading, I could use your help keeping me accountable to these tasks.  I'd greatly appriciate your kicking me in the butt encouragement and checking in time and again to make sure I'm working on these things.  This all falls into my "ACTION" theme for the year too.

How about you?  Do you have some out-of-the-usual to-do's you need getting to?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mums & Daughters

So last night I'm watching tv, excited to actually have a few good shows on (at least to my way of thinking).
First I watched the opening show of the new season of the Biggest Loser.  I sat there thinking, "I wonder how I'd fare during the first workout of the series?"  I remember back to my younger days when I was really into working out.  I saw myself as I watched some of the contestants thinking back to the time I was taking as step class.  Up. Down. Up. Down... run to the bathroom to throw up... run back.. Up. Down. Up. Down. like nothing had happened.  But that was back when I was 20 or 21.  It would be a whole other ball of wax now that I'm only a moderately active 39 year old.  I'd like to think I wouldn't whine a lot though... I'd like to think that.
The show was good but as each episode must do, it ended with the first 'You're not the biggest loser' dismisal of the season.  It was between a mother and a daughter and as typically happens in these scenarios, both wanted to sacrifice themselves to save the other.  In the end the mother was sent home.  When the results were final the parting words of the mom and daughter were heart felt and pulled at my gut.  Why?  It's just a show and I don't know these people.
There is something that upsets me that I don't share often and only a couple of people know these feelings I have for fear of judgement and for fear of 'Pollyanna'esque responses especially from those who do not know what it is to be in my situation.
You see, I lost my much beloved mum two and a half years ago rather quickly (5 1/2 weeks) to cancer.  I miss her every day.  My husband and I have been blessed with two handsome, funny, sweet, smart, wonderful boys whom I adore!!
But you see, I will never again have a mother-daughter relationship.  This breaks my heart.

I originally posted more after this, but really, the last statement above says it all..

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year ~ New Word

It's that time again.. I can't beleive it.
2010 passed by so quickly and yet there were days I thought would never end.
2010 brought our first ladies retreat at church last January.  It brought my first sucessful vegetable garden.  A small car accident (but not a small bill to repair scratch).  I saw my niece get married this summer and made my first stacked wedding cake.  It was one of the most wonderful summers I've ever had; made wonderful memories with my boys!  We went on our first real family vacation. I saw my baby head off to Kindergarten and my older son went to 3rd grade.  It was the year my Uncle Kenny went home to be with the Lord.  My husband and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss (well, bliss most of the time :)  My Aunt Helen became unwell and now lives in a nursing home/rehab.  It was the year I felt the Lord call me into ministry.  I lost 40 pounds this year!  There were ups, there were downs and lots of twists and turns.

Those of you who have read my blog for any time will remember that each year at this time I choose a word, or theme for the year ahead as opposed to making 'resolutions'.  Before I write about 2011, I'd like to think back on my word for 2010.  My word for 2010 was FIT.  I wanted to 'fit' myself back into my life.  I wanted to take myself off of the bottom of my to-do list.  I ate better.  Tracked my food on  I began to exercise (never thought I'd do that).  I studied God's word on a more regular basis.  I took some time, maybe not enough, but some time, for me.

Again, those of you who have been with me a while know that I grade myself on how well I think I did carrying out my theme and this year I give myself a B+.  I'm pleased, not thrilled with my performance.  I started off the year very well.  By summer, I had slowed down quite a bit.  By Thanksgiving however, I slowed to a snails pace before completely falling apart, but thankfully the holidays are just a few weeks from the new year so that mess was short lived.

So now it is time to unviel my word for this year.  After thinking over exactly what I want in my mind for several weeks, God has finally delivered my word to me.  ACTION!  I want to be a woman of action.  Woooow, that can sound.. suspect.  Let me explain...

So often I think in my mind what I'd like to do.  What I should do.  What I could do.  And yet, frequently, I do nothing at all.
I write lists that never get completed.  I start projects that get left undone.  I have so many people that I intend to write to and yet....
I've tried to figure out why I do, or rather, don't do these things and the best I can come up with is fear.  Fear of failure, of not doing things 100% correct or maybe even just not as well as others.
Self talk ~ "I could write her a note but what if she isn't encouraged by it or what if she doesn't even know who I am?" (I wrote a note to a stranger years ago after hearing her father's prayer request on her behalf. She now goes to our church and she approached me on one of her first visits to thank me.)  "I could try to write a children's book but what if it's no good and no one wants to publish it?" (Twelve publishers turned down J.K. Rowlings before one agreed to publish Harry Potter.  Besides, shouldn't I at least give them the opportunity to refuse me?)  "I feel called by the Lord to be a women's ministry speaker, but what if no one wants to hear me?  What if they don't like me?  Who am I to speak, I don't have a theology degree?" (Beth Moore doesn't have a degree in theology.  Am I not short-changing God if I hear His call but think He doesn't know who He is calling?)  "I could apply for that job but the hours probably wont work for our family or I'll most likely be terrible at it." (Who would have thought when I started a temp job when I was 24 that I would become a natural on computers and would then be promoted 3 times in 4 years?  Why do I automatically think that I'll fail?)
God tells us in His word over 300 times to "Fear No", yet I've been choosing to disobey Him and fear.  Why in the world do I choose the terrible feeling of fear and let it restrict my life rather than choose the security that as long as I'm living in His will He will provide?  Silly, right?  Right!

Also, the word action has come to me time and time again in studying scripture.  In the early fall of this past year the Lord put a speaking topic on my heart having to do with action.  If you say you're a Christian, you must take action!  I have been writing my first retreat topic based on this.  As I write it I find myself saying 'But who is going to want to hear it?  You'll write it and then never share it."  Wow - some seriously defeated self-talk hugh?  Kinda pathetic!!  If God is putting the topic of action on my heart, the person who most needs to let that take effect in their life is me!!  How can I share it with others and not have it first take root in my own life?  Action therefore for me means to stop being held back by fear and getting on with it; whatever the 'it' may happen to be at a certain time.

So this year I will take ACTION!

* I will continue to study and write the talks that the Lord has put on my heart knowing that He will show me when and where I am to share His inspiration. I will proceed with the calling the Lord has put on my heart and go into ministry as a women's speaker.

*  I will write the children's stories that are in my mind.  I will work on the illustrations and not worry if they will be good enough.  They certainly wont be if I don't even try.  I want to submit at least one book to a publisher this year.

*  I will submit at least one devotional for publication.  If God puts thoughts, stories into my mind that encourage me and some of the ladies from my church then I should see if He wishes them to encourage other Christians as well.

*  I will put my body into action.  I will continue to become a more active person.  I will complete the couch to 5k program this year.  I will find physical activities the whole family can do together.

* I will make/buy cards and have stamps available so that when the Lord puts someone on my heart who needs a word of encouragement, I'll be ready to go.  No excuses.

* In general, I will not be held back by fear.  I will not be recklace, but I will go forth and live my life and not wait things out on the sideline.  I'm getting in the game folks so hold on to your hats!!

Ready, set, ACTION!!