Sunday, December 27, 2009

Did I Have Order in 09'?

My Mum always used to say, 'the older you get, the faster time goes.' Mum, you were right!

It seems as if we just began the year 2009 and yet here we are about to say goodbye to it and greet 2010.

Before I look forward to the new year, I always like to look back. What have I done, accomplished, experienced.... I love history. I feel the best way to prepare for the future is to look back and see what worked and what did not.

I have had some success' over the past 12 months as well as some less than stellar results. But that's life, isn't it?

Beginning a few years ago, I started coming up with a theme word for my year. I take this quite seriously and really reflect and see where I need to go.

For 2008, my word was 'Simplify'. I started the year well with this goal, but the passing of my much beloved mum made this goal seem very unimportant.

For 2009 my word has been 'Order'. So, how have I done?
Let's start on an up-note shall we... I did get many things organized! My closets for instance (which I had shared in a fall post). I went through the hall, linen, boys and my closets and cleaned them out completely! Got rid of the excess (including about 6 pairs of black velvet shoes... why? really..) and created space for everything that legitimately needs to be stored.

I also cleaned out the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. I wish I could tell you that it has all stayed Martha Stewart standard condition. but alas..

I organized my child care folders and files and began a lesson plan book so that hopefully I will cut down on the work I have to do in years to come.

These have all been great accomplishments!

When it comes to my calendar, I have had minimal success here. I did go through the calendar and mark off family days, date nights and the like - but to my dismay, there are things that we can not just dismiss. How dare the Boy Scouts for instance not check with our calendar prior to scheduling community events. :) I also forgot to write in all of the family birthdays. Typically, I do this at the beginning of January, but this past year for some reason I only filled in the birthdays for the first few months of the year. This proved to be problematic as I am the one who reminds my husband of his family's' birthdays - so if I mess up... oops! Sorry to any we called a day late this year!!

Spiritually, again I did so so. Rather than a basket, I have turned a brown and pink tote bag I received at a Women of Faith conference I went to a few years ago into my worship center. In it I keep a Bible (I use more than one when I'm really studying a topic/passage - but no need to carry them all around), notebook for taking notes at studies, devotions and I also use it as my prayer journal, pens, etc.. This has worked well. I have also been blessed to begin a new study with the ladies at my church that will run year round, Foundations. I wish I could report that I have been unfailingly devoted to my daily devotions, but I must honestly tell you that I still struggle to spend quality time with the Lord daily. Thankfully, He never gives up on us!!

As for having order in my physical life..... I have not tracked my food. I have not made time for exercise. I have honestly earned an 'F' in this category.

So all in all.... I would give myself a 'B'. But in saying that, should I really be grading myself on life? Wow - that a whole new level of pressure. Forget that. Let's just said I did ok.

Now, are you ready for my word for 2010?

That's another post.

Do you have goals for 2010 or a theme word? Share.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friends!

This is not only my first post in quite some time, but also, my first post from my new lap top my husband gave me for Christmas. Thanks!

I have had many 'Oh, I've goooooot to blog about this!' moments - but not the time to tap them out.

For the time being, I'd like to just blog about today.

Some great moments:
1. My boys were told that they couldn't come out of their room until 6:00 am - this is a lot to ask as the oldest wakes up each day at around 4:30 am! But they did great! I got up very early to retrieve the stockings that Santa had filled and put them in their bedroom so they could explore those while waiting for the old folks to get up. We got up at about 5:40, got the coffee brewing/tea steeping and cameras on the ready. The boys did well and were running down the hall by 6.
2. Son number one walked into the living room, hammed it up for the camera, and explored gifts under the tree all while seeming to be completely oblivious to the big red bike right next to the tree. When something was finally said about the bike, he simply said it was for mum or dad.. never occurring to him that it could be for him! I told him to read the tag to let us all know who it was for. Next we heard mumbling and then he exclaimed "Sweeeeeeettttt"!
3. Took a lot of leg work to find just the right toys - but as always seems to be the case, son number two's favorite toy from the day was the $10 Rockem' Sockem' game. Not a big shock as the little guy has some aggression issues (hoping this will become a good outlet).
4. I got a laptop computer! What do I need one of these for? It had been becoming increasingly clear to us that this would be a good idea as I 1. run my own business, 2. help lead ladies ministries in my church, 3 have been thinking about going back to school. (any suggestions on majors? I'm thinking child care as it's what I do now.. but not 100% sure.
5. Dinner - yummy!! Great company too as my husbands parents came and joined us. Good food & good company.

But more than these great memories I will cherish for years to come - What I like most about this day is that it is all to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Thank you God for giving us your son. Thank you for loving us so much!! Thank you for a gift too marvelous for our minds to fully comprehend.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!