Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Wildest Roller Coaster of All

I'm surprised I have not suffered whip lash over these past few weeks.

Steep climb, head tilted back with no head rest to cradle my noggin.
Click click click.. wait for it... whooosh - rushing wind whips through my hair and my eyes blink rapidly from the tearing wind.

Turns making my stomach leap and twists making me feel like my heart is going to bound out of my chest.

This wild ride is simply called, life.

This has been the topic of much discussion in my home lately.
With all of the ups, downs, twists and unexpected turns - what else can we say other than, 'that's life.'

The ups have been great, as the 'ups' in our lives usually are.

The downs have been low indeed.
The downs have left me on my face before the Lord. 'Be merciful to me, oh Lord, for I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, and my soul and my body with grief.' Psalm 31:9
I am comforted by the knowledge that he hears my cries. 1 John 5:14

The ups have been tremendous blessings. Moments on mountain tops where my eyes behold such beauty and with pure clean air filling up my lungs to sustain me through the inevitable valleys to come. "..but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:30

I continue to muddle through a wintery season of change (yes, I do know that it is still technically summer despite the children's return to school - but the season my life is in currently is defenitely winter). But my greatest comfort is that I do not walk this chilly path alone. Yes, I do have my husband who is my best friend and help mate - but I have the greatest one of all with me also.
There's a song by Natalie Grant called 'Held'. It's an incredibly beautiful song, that strictly speaking, does not apply to me. But I do feel that it comforts people going through all sorts of difficulties and sorrows that need to know that God is always here for us and when things are really tough, God is always here to hold us.

Now, there are things in my life that I can not fix, change or in any way do anything about. But then there are things that are in need of my attention and commitment that I really need to be about. I need to hold fast to one of my favorite verses found in one of my favorite books of the Bible, James. (James is found near the end of the New Testament - I highly recommend reading it if you need some encouragement and direction.)
James 1:5
If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

So now, I'm am going to strap on my seat belt, flip down that metal bar thingy, and brace myself for this continuing thriller - the roller coaster of life!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twas The Night Before 1st Grade

Twas the night before 1st grade and in my thoughts I was lost
what will this year hold for him, what will be the cost
On the bus for the first time, shall he know what to do
stop worrying silly woman, he's excited to go too

Will he make new friends, find a buddy in class
if he's meant to he will, whether a lad or a lass

Will he get hurt, be teased for his broken speech
his teacher is kind, to those kids acceptance she will teach

Such dreams and hopes and wishes I have for my first son
courage I need for me, and pray he gets a ton
Why do I worry so, 'ye of little faith' my Lord must cry
I must trust in your providing and protection by and by

Heavenly Father, help me to trust him to your care each day
knowing you want what's best for him and love him even more than words can say

Bless my little man as he goes to study and learn
and rest in the assurance of your perfect concern.

What will the cost be of this year that lies ahead?
Fleeting time is the cost, as I see this growing boy slumber in his bed.

Thank you my Father for these boys with which we have been blessed
guide their steps as they grow, and help me be filled with your peace and rest.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's In a Name?

I'm continuing to plug away on getting everything done in order to become a licensed family day care provider.
Orientation - check
Application Packet in - check
Referral Requests out - check
CPR/FIRST Aid class... still trying to fit that in
Health Form - bummer - need a physical to get that completed. Scheduled.... waiting...

Then there's the list of to-do's in and out of the house.

Here's one thing I can get done sooner than later. Pick a name for my business.
It needs to reflect the fact that I will be offering both day care and a preschool program (legally, I can say preschool enrichment program), and that this is a Christian home. (please take part in my poll to the side!!)

Once I decide on a name, I can complete my handbook, contract form, business cards, etc...
I was so wishing I had cards on me this evening as the family strolled around the classic car show at Wal-Mart (how small town!) and chatting to mother's of young children. It would be so easy to hand off a little business card.

I have 4 slots open - but wont be licensed until the end of October I'm thinking. Can I advertise?.. no?....

Then my nerves come into play:
Will they come.. I'm building it.. will they come?

Please come! I'm so looking forward to it!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I could run down a list of things I did this past week to explain why I have not written additional posts as promised regarding the Women of Faith conference, but I'll spare you!

Unfortunately, due to this delay, I'm going to have to resort to bullet points about the event as my mind these days resembles 'Dear Henry's' bucket. (come on, you remember the song from when you were a kid, right?!)

So here are some of the highlights of the conference for me.:

* The award for coolest chick to wear (and pull off) a bright orange leather jacket (and a black and silver jacket, and a shimmery silver jacket....) goes to Patsy Clairmont! This petite little powerhouse is just the most with-it 'mature' sister-in-Christ I've ever come across. She is just sooo cool!! Look at her!! I'm not that hip now in my 30's - I can't even imagine being so stylin' at her age!! I must add, not only did she rock her edgy jackets, she also wore sky high bright red shoes!! You go girl!!!!

* Sticking with my girl Patsy here for a moment, she also gets my award for the message that has stayed with me the strongest! I'm not going to go on and on explaining her story that she tells so beautifully, with such emotion and of course, humor when you can simply watch it here. Do yourself a favor, watch this!!!

* The funniest moment of the conference goes to Anita Renfroe! Anita was part of the pre-conference ticket and I wouldn't have missed her for anything!! This gal is such a hoot!!! You may be familiar with her from her YouTube hit, The Mom Song, or from her appearances on Good Morning America. She had me and the rest of The Garden in stitches from the moment she came on until she began singing her closing song (which wins an award further down). She did a great bit where she shared a new outlet for all of us ladies when men scratch their heads and start thinking..'oh, it's THAT time!' She taught us to now blame everything on our thyroid. Another great moment was when she sang 'Maybe Next Time I'll Think Before I Eat'. (check it out!)

* After receiving a rousing standing ovation, Natalie Grant took to the stage for an encore. This encore gets my vote for Best Musical Moment! This beautiful young mother of twin girls got up and sang His Eye Is On The Sparrow with out music. It was so incredibly beautiful!! We all just stood amazed as she ministered to us with her beautiful voice. By the end, people were yelling 'sing it girlfriend', 'amen sister' and I do believe I heard a 'bring it home baby'! Yes she could hit the high notes and did a great job with those big notes that are so popular these days. But what really got me was her lower register. So rich and beautiful. (Boy, you'd think I know something about singing... but I don't - other than that I can't. You're welcome!) Tears streamed down my face at the beauty of her voice singing the very true words of the old familiar hymn. Please please record this Natalie!!!!

* Most heart tugging moment goes to Anita Renfroe. I never would have thought that this vote would go to the winner of the 'funniest moment'.. but it's true. After laughing for what seemed like hours at Anita's message, she finished it up with a song. Before singing this song (Which I have to refer to as 'this song' because I have no idea of the name.) she spoke of people in our lives who have come along and made us better people, who made such and impression and who are partially responsible for who we are today. This song was dedicated to those people. My mother died (I still can't even type those words without crying.) 4 1/2 months prior to the W.O.F. event and she was of course the person that this song was about for me. I'm not very comfortable grieving in front of people. I find just talking about my mum seems to make people uncomfortable. So I had to bite my lip and dig my nails into my hand in order to prevent myself from balling out loud. I looked down and tried to hide my reaction, but was found out by a few of the lovely ladies around me. I sat there thinking, 'Please don't try to hug me, please! I can keep it together if you just don't try to hug me!' As great as the song was, I was so happy it didn't go on one more line for I knew I would have had to run for the ladies room. So thanks Anita for making me cry and feel awkward ;) And also, for reminding me just how much my mother's memory will always mean to me!!!!!!!!!!

* Best thing about the return home.... Getting out of my friend Deb's car to find one of my boys plastered to the window and the other running out of the house to greet me!!!! The trip to Heidi's for ice cream with the gals on the way home would have to be a close second though ;)