Saturday, October 10, 2009

Now That Narrows It Down

Ok, time for some more fun quotes!

My 4 year old tries to tell me a story about a boy at school. me - "What boy was that?", son - "The boy... with the white shirt." me - "What's his name?", son - "I don't know.", me - "What does he look like?", son - thinking.. thinking.. staring off into the distance..."Wellllll.... he has eyes...", me - holding in laughter, "Well that norrows it down."

I bring my boys to my sisters house where aunts and uncle and cousins await to go on a big trip to the movies. 4 year old son immediately starts running up and down the hall (where later he gets a fat lip from bumping inot another running up and down hall) yelling 'I'm Speed Wraserw.. I'm Seep (Racer)!" Nephew - "Billy, slow down, you're not Japanese!!!" (nephew knows nothing about Speed Racer other than it's Japanese animea)

Nieces birthday party. Kids help by passing her presents to be opened. As next one is brought forward, 7 year old son exclaims, "Ohhhh, two presents together... Impressssive!"

As 7 year old puts his shirt on.."Oh, not this shirt! I don't want to look handsome!" me "Well even if you wear a potato sack you'll still look handsome." him "Do you mean no matter what, I have to be handsome?!" poor thing!

Me to 4 year old after hearing a snorting noise ..."What are you doing?" him "My finger is cold so I'm putting it up my nose to keep it warm." cricket cricket.. "Go wash your hands with warm water."