Wednesday, May 28, 2008

10 Things I Like About Me

I came across this 'tag' and thought it was terribly difficult, but that this is probably the kind of difficult I need right now. The person who wrote the original post I read had a great top 10 list!! Mine will be much simpler - but here it goes..

1. I like my smile. No, my teeth aren't perfect (that's what I get for not continuing to use my retainers). But I like that God has given me a joyful spirit and that I am able to smile often!

2. I like my sense of humor. It's quirky, weird even. But I'm thankful that I can find so much humor in life. I can't imagine dealing with all of the ups and down life can throw my way without being able to find humor in just about every situation.

3. I like that I can bake. I find great comfort in food in general, but with baking, I find just as much comfort in baking the treat as in eating it. I also love to bake for others - I feel great when someone bites into a chocolate chip cookie and smiles. Nice to know I can do something so little that can bring someone happiness, no matter how fleeting.

4. I like that I'm a realist. An eternal optimist or pessimist I'm not. I like to deal with life as it is. Give me the facts and that's what I'll work with. Sure, I'll hope for the best, but I don't look through life with rose colored glasses.

5. I like my lips. No kidding... They aren't too thin, and not too thick. They are one of the few physical features I like about myself.

6. I like that I am compassionate. I find it important to never have an air of superiority, looking down on others who aren't just like me, or who don't act like how I want them to. Everyone has a story. One persons pain is no less real than an others. I have been on the receiving end of other's compassion and know how much it means. God has given me a sensitivity which I'm thankful for.

7. I like that I'm creative. Scrapbooking, card making, cake decorating, sewing, crocheting, etc.. Wonderful outlets which I enjoy and I love to make things for others.

8. I like that I can live frugally. I don't have a need to have the biggest, best, newest 'stuff' on the Consumer Reports list. I am happy with what we have. Sure I dream of things time and again - but I can honestly say, I'm content. Material possessions don't posses me. (thank you Lord!)

9. I like that I'm conscientious. I try to put my all into all that I do. I'm not content with just getting by. Succeed or fail, I'll know I gave it my best.

10. I like that I have a love of God's word!! Many people read the Bible, but don't really enjoy it. God blessed me with not only a love of his word, but also a love for sharing it!! God has put on my heart a desire to encourage other ladies to get into his word and let it bless their lives also!!

Ok - that's it. This was really hard!!!
Give it a go and link back :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am who I am

Finishing up on week three.. 12 lbs. down!!
This is great - however, I am finding it difficult already!
It's a stressful time, I turn to my faithful friend, food. Trying to change that, or at least, make better choices when I feel compelled to go to food. Sometimes successful, sometimes... not so much.
But food really is the perfect friend! It's there when you need it - it doesn't tell you anything you don't want to hear - you never have to worry if it is truly your friend, it will never say unkind things about you behind your back,....
So what is stressing me these days? Would have been Mum & Dad's 50th anniversary this weekend. My sister-in-law Paula and I had been talking about doing a party and creating a scrapbook for them. Guess may be this is why I'm finding it hard to scrap lately.
Also, found out that someone to whom I'm closely connected doesn't think very well of me. I had always suspected as much, but had someone insist I was wrong - until they told me the other night that I have been proven correct. I'm trying hard to think, 'Oh well, doesn't matter' - but I'm not fooling myself. It does matter to me. I know I can't do or say anything to change things. It's just how it is. They will always be displeased with me.. I'm not beautiful and in shape, I'm not in a very good career, I don't keep an immaculate house, etc....
But hey, I try my best! I may be big, but I do my hair and make up every day and always look at least somewhat put together. I'm not out making the big bucks, but I put my all into raising my kids, creating special events for them, being a good wife to my husband, serving the Lord at church through various ministries, etc... And although my house is by no means spotless, it will not be condemned any time soon either. It's presentable. I try my best to be kind and considerate of all. And, as I've posted before, I always need to be productive - so lazy I'm not (well.. I have my days).
I can only be who I am, right? Of course, there's always room for improvement - hence the 'healthy eating' - but who I am at the core I can't change.

Pressing on, pressing on!...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Week 1

I have survived week one of my new healthy eating lifestyle. (see how positively I phrased it?)
I have lost 7 pounds. Very good start!
Mother's Day was tricky - both due to emotions and to the fact that my husband wanted to spoil me for this weekend and did so with food! Yummy - but scary.
Once off the wagon, it is very difficult for me to get back on!
But I never really stepped down. I'd have a splurge but then be good for the next meal.
So all is well... pressing on, pressing on!..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Didn't know how hard this day would be - but it is indeed hard!

I reached into the cabinet today to take out a can of pineapple to put on the ham, and that was all it took to set me off. My mother taught me to cook. I pretty much cook everything just like my mother. But then again, don't we all put pineapple on our ham?... even still.

I am blessed with two very wonderful, albeit very rough, little boys. I adore them and wouldn't trade them for the world! even on days when they smear themselves and their bedrooms in Vaseline....
But as I sat outside with them while they plastered themselves with mud, I realized, I will never have a 'mother - daughter' relationship again. Not a real one! (I say this because inevitably someone will suggest that some day I may buddy up with an older or younger lady at church or something...)

I find myself writing and the backspacing... There is much more on my heart - but even here on my own blog, I fear 1. what people will think, 2. offending people, 3. making it a very disjointed and depressing read!

So, I'll just end by saying...

I love you Mum! Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the mother's out there have a good day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Good Laugh!

Is there anything better than laughter?
I mean, a really good laugh - I'm not talking polite chuckling, a little snicker or a flirtatious giggle.
I mean a good fit of laughter that makes tears run down your face, double over and even slap a knee (or whoever is sitting next to you)!!
I am blessed. I come from a family who really know how to have a boisterous chortle!
Laughing with abandon I call it. Some others may call it... frightening -but hey, to each there own.
With this being a difficult weekend for my family, it was great to get together earlier this evening to celebrate one of my nieces birthdays and have several full out belly laughs. What a lift to the spirit!
This photo is all my family would need to bring on another fit of hysterical laughter!! I hope some of them see it!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Time!

After a year and a half of packing on the weight, I have finally reached the point where I can say, 'it's time!'

It's time to stop wallowing in my stress and coping with cookies.
It's time to find another way to celebrate each little joy without ice cream.
It's time to fold clothes, make/write out cards, or paint my nails when I need something to do with my hands while watching American Idol.
You get the picture...

I have had a few friends try to encourage me to join them on their quest for healthier living and to return to that section of the closet... Shangri-La!!!.. where the smaller sized clothes have migrated for the very long slumber known as 'fatbernation'.

I guess it's just a matter of when you're finally mentally ready. And I guess I've reached the point where I'm as mental as I'll ever be!... Umm... well....

So when I received my latest encouragement from a friend who recently started down the salad express, I decided to jump on in!

And here I am ~ after this long journey thus far (1 day to be exact) I'm still on target and feeling good!
Are you on this same treadmill? Do you want to encourage one another?

1. Let's exercise together! 'Exercise' is like a four letter word to me!! But done together, it is much more enjoyable!! I went to a local school last night to walk with a few girl friends and it was a great time, and a great work out! Anyone want to walk together?

2. Let's make some good food choices and share a great new find or new recipe with one another!! Here are a few to start: Thomas' Lite Multi-Grain English Muffins (1 point for those into WW) - Blue Diamond 100 Cal. Pack of Almonds (2 pts) - Progresso Soups (many are between 1 and 3 points - my fav. Vegetable Italiano) - 94% Fat Free Popped Corn Mini Bag (1 pt) - Fiber One Bars (2 pts) - Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Hot Dogs (1 pt ea.) - Barowski Rolls (2 pt).... (thanks to friends and WW who shared some of these items with me)
Do you have anything to add?

3. Let's have the right attitude! It's all about being healthier and taking care of this shell that our Heavenly Father gave us!! Do you have some words of encouragement to share? Maybe a Bible verse?

I'm not going to tell you that I'll never eat a cookie under duress again - nor that I will never want to celebrate with ice cream. But maybe, next time, and going forward, I'll choose one scoop of frozen yogurt over two of rich ice cream.