Tuesday, August 28, 2007

She's a lady

The title of my page comes from the British comedy "Keeping Up Apearances", which I love! Hyacynth answers the phone with great propriety, "The 'Bouquet Residence' (their name is Bucket, but Hyacinth insists that everyone pronounce it 'Bouquet' - and I'm sure if she lived around here she'd shop at 'Targee'), "The lady of the house speaking"

I am reminded every minute of the day that I am the only lady of this house that I share with my husband and 2 boys (notice, I didn't do the 'dh' and 'ds' stuff - hate that! - chalk that up as one of my thousands of pet peves) whom I adore and count myself blessed to share my life with them, however exhausted I may be. You see, I would never dare take out my 'hand painted periwinkles' (that's how Hyacinth refers to her china) as there is nothing delicate about the men in this house.

I tend to be insecure and afraid of hurting peoples feelings - so I don't typically speak my mind as often as I'd like. But here, on this blog, is where this lady will speak! Without worry of offending anyone - or worrying about my Christian views not being popular. (not that I would ever intentionally try to offend anyone.. Oh, no - there I go... None of that, none of that Diane!...)
So there you have it... "The Lady of The House Speaking..." What will I have to say?...

As a note... My feeling is that every little girl will grow up to be a woman (God willing). But so few grow up to be ladies. This is something I aspire to. I have been blessed to know a few wonderful ladies whom I admire greatly: 1. Sandy who was my mentor at my 1st church. 2. Anna whom I worked with and 3. and my Aunt Margaret, just to name a few. Each of these Ladies posessed grace and strength - what a pairing!