Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've Missed You

It was our big guy's birthday yesterday.  11... Seriously, how can that be?!!!  But I digress...

I wanted to update my photo on FB to a baby picture of him, but I couldn't find one one my lap top.  After wracking my brain trying to think where I can find a baby picture of him on the computer, it occurred to me to check old blog posts.

As I came to this blog, it was like rediscovering an old friend.  I began reading old posts and remembering events and feelings that I had forgotten.

But what really hit me was, I used to love to blog!  I loved writing about silly things, serious things, painful things and frivolous things.  I would look forward to the rare comments - but it wasn't instant gratification like on FB when someone hits a 'like button'.  The real gratification was in getting whatever I was going through out of me and into written words.  I'm much more likely to really express myself here than on FB.  I can be more.... me.

What I discovered yesterday is that, I miss this.  I miss blogging.  I miss just being, The Lady of the House Speaking.  I have things to say; even if they're not important to anyone but me.

So blog, I'm coming back.  I've missed you!


keeping you in stitches said...

I'm glad you are back. I enjoy reading your blog!!!!

keeping you in stitches said...
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