Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We're Scary

The boys wanted to go to the library after school today. (What mom is going to say 'no' to that?)
After checking out 12 books, we headed out to the parking lot.
I waited for the boys to climb in the back and shut the door.  Then I got in and sat down.
We were sitting for about a minute and I thought to myself, "What's taking so long?"
I then looked to my left to see the drivers seat empty.
I then began laughing hysterically, my boys were only very mildly amused.  I think at this point, they're starting to just find my craziness scary.
So I get out of the passengers seat and into the drivers seat and we begin our short trip home.  As I'm driving, our 7 year old comments on the fact that a truck had passed us with "John Ripley" written on the side.
He said that he found that funny and then asked us to guess why he thought it was funny.  Our 11 year old guessed that he thought 'rippley' referred to the man farting a lot. (I have boys, gas humor is how they roll)  We all giggled about that and then he said, "No.  I thought there were a lot of people named John buried in there."
Son #1 and I were baffled and looked at each other through the rear view mirror and I quietly said that I didn't get it.
"Well a lot of gravestones say 'rip' on them so if that says 'ripply' there must be more than one dead person."

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