Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday TV

I love Thursday night tv!

8:00 pm - Ugly Betty
9:00 pm - The Office
10:00 pm - ER

UB ~ I guess I'm just a sucker for the idea that the 'inwardly beautiful' girl can make it in the cut-throat fashion industry while keeping her values, and sometimes gets the guy. And let's face it girls, we always see not very good looking guys who are out with these beautiful little women. But how often do we see great looking guys with 'inwardly beautiful' women?
I love her self-esteem and courage!
I love that she's going to give Matt a shot!! (did you see tonight?)
The other cast of characters are great too! I hope they're not done with her Scottish friend now that she had her baby!!

The Office ~ Ok, if you've ever worked in an office environment, then you are bound to watch the show and be able to swap out names. Jim is Bob. Meridith is Kathy. Andy is Jack. Ryan is ... HR guy.. can't remember his name... Any how, you get the picture. (I've worked in multiple offices' so I can list these names knowing that these names were common enough not to indicate any one person.)
It's so totally off the wall. I love tuning in just to see what they're up to this time. Michael says the most bizarre things.. or maybe Dwight does.. I don't know. And then when Jim, one of the few in their right mind gives that look to the camera. Love it!!

"I'm not superstitious. Just a little stitious." ~ Michael

ER ~ What can I say, I've been watching ER since the second year I believe. (or maybe 1/2 way through year one) They lost me for about a year (I thought it was getting boring.. same story - 'are they together, aren't they....' This year though, where they're bringing back lots of the original cast - great stuff!!!
Carter is back. I love Carter!!! And the way they tied this in to his biggest story line from years ago - great! Sad mind you, but great!
Can't wait to see who else they bring back. I wish Anthony Edward (Dr. Green) could come back - but he died. They did do a little recap on him several episodes ago, but not the same. After that... I don't know. Maybe Jeanie. I really don't care if Dr. Ross comes back (sorry, not a big Clooney fan. don't dislike him, but it wont make the last season for me.)
It's sad that it's ending. It's been around my whole adult life practically. Great show!

Ok.. my shows are over. Time for bed.
until next Thursday...

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