Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The New Mr & Mrs

This past weekend we had the joy of celebrating the wedding of my niece with family and friends.  It was a perfect, allbeit HOT day and the bride was exquisit!!  The whole wedding party looked beautiful and not only did the groom look handsome, but also cool-calm and collected.

Many happy tears were shed as we listened to them exchange vows, have their first dance, mother/son & father/daughter dances and so on.  It was an absolutely delightful day and I couldn't be happier for my niece nor more pleased to welcome a new nephew into the family!  We will even have the pleasure of having them over for a special dinner on their return from their honeymoon.  Can't wait!

Still, my mind can't help but wander back to the days of the little girl who loved to come with me to plays, sleep overs and on shopping excursions.  Every weekend she and my younger niece would head out on the same  route - Dunkin Donuts, Christmas Tree Shop, Herritage House Christian Book Store and Dempsey's Village Barn.  It really doesn't seem like that could be so many years ago.. but alas, it was.

Now as I hear my own boys having a light saber duel in the backgrounds as I type, I am reminded that this time with my guys is short.  Before I know it they'll be heading out with friends and have no time for mum.  Then it will be off to games and later to college.  Then... there will be a girl.  I pray even now that the Lord would be preparing just the right young ladies for each of them.  Ones that would love the Lord, be kind hearted, faithful and true.  Be good natured and funny.  And I pray that I would have a wonderful relationship with them as my mum had with her sons and daughter-in-laws and as my sister-in-law, who is more like a sister, does with her new son-in-law and his family.

This post has taken on a different tone than I had originally intended.  I guess I can't keep from getting a little sentimental.  Another post will be required to address my original intent.

For now, I'll just say - Love and Best Wishes to the new couple.  I pray the Lord will bring them as few trials as He sees fit, the grace and strength to stand together under them and remind them to whom they need to give thanks for the many many blessings they will enjoy!

I love you both!!

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